What is PermaPlate – Is it Worth the Cost?

Is PermaPlate worth the cost?

PermaPlate is nowhere near worth it because of how expensive it is and how convoluted the contracts are. Once you get past the excitement and legalese, you soon realize PermaPlate is giving money away to your dealership.

Okay, hold on. Not all PermaPlate variants are made equal.

Some of them, believe it or not, are a $600 wax job. You read that right: some dealerships will sell you a car, then offer you PermaPlate – and all you get is a cool wax job. Not worth it.

Other dealerships prefer not to grab your money and run. They will offer you a PermaPlate contract. In this scenario, you get an insurance policy against dents, spilling, and similar things.

It still costs a lot – but, hey, if you’re a clumsy soda drinker and spill constantly, you may get your money’s worth after signing a contract.

And that’s the thing: you need to sign a contract to purchase PermaPlate. In that contract, you may see that you need to wash your car a certain amount of times per year, or else your warranty is void. You need to use certain products when you wash the car, or else your warranty is void.

You get my point, don’t you? You purchase PermaPlate thinking you don’t have to worry about letting your kid eat ice cream in the back seat, and you’re one vanilla stain away from losing your PermaPlate policy for breach of contract.

All in all, PermaPlate is worth it if you can take your sweet time to read the contract, find no faults in it, and believe you’re going to spill more soda than a McDonald’s employee inside your car.

You can find cheaper ways to keep your car in mint condition, though.

Can I cancel PermaPlate?

You can ask to cancel your PermaPlate contract at any point in time. You may get a full refund if you cancel within the first thirty days. After thirty days, you may get a portion of what you’ve paid or nothing at all, depending on the circumstances.

To get a refund after purchasing PermaPlate, you need to cancel as soon as possible.

I can probably guess they’ll try to give you an extended warranty, an extra year, or something like that when you try to cancel. You’ll have to push through and keep your head in the game.

Other than that, you may have to call where you purchased PermaPlate and not PermaPlate itself. Ask your car dealership regarding policy cancellation to know who to call and cancel.

What is PermaPlate?

PermaPlate is often advertised as a way to protect your car’s interior and exterior, so you can have a car that looks brand new all the time. After paying an enormous amount of money, all that PermaPlate will get you is a wax job for your car.

So, you’re bored one Sunday afternoon and decide to check out PermaPlate’s website. You look around – and you don’t really understand what PermaPlate is. Allow me to explain.

PermaPlate is an insurance policy of sorts. One that will ensure your car against aesthetic issues. Things like dents, ink stains, bird droppings, and other stuff we all dread.

“Alright!” you say, “someone can protect me from the evil-doings of birds and kids.” Well, yes – but, also, can’t you do that on your own?

Before you run to sign a PermaPlate contract, you need to realize we haven’t talked price.

We’re talking anywhere from $500 to $1000 for a 3-year contract. Oh, you thought it was going to be something like ten bucks per month?

Now, think again. Do you really need PermaPlate?

Do I need PermaPlate?

You need to think if you’re spending a lot of money to keep your car clean and looking pristine before you consider PermaPlate. On average, PermaPlate can cost $700. You need to think if you spend that much cleaning your car before you consider it.

While I have shown my rather hard stance against PermaPlate throughout this article, I can tell you that I believe certain people will benefit from it.

The thing is, you need to have kids, a dog, park under pine trees, and have a determined type of behavior to make PermaPlate a cost-effective strategy.

And, let’s not forget, you need a special kind of PermaPlate. Make sure your contract doesn’t have any funny clauses when it comes to making the entire thing void.

Who needs PermaPlate?

There’s more than one party that may benefit from you purchasing a PermaPlate policy. You may get something out of it, the car dealership that’s selling you the policy will definitely benefit, and the people at PermaPlate may benefit as well.

Look, when it comes to stuff like this, there are winners and losers. Most people won’t try to get their money’s worth after getting PermaPlate – and that’s when everybody wins but the customer.

If you’re dead set on getting it for your car, make sure you get the most out of it. That’s all I’m saying.

How long does PermaPlate last?

PermaPlate comes in many forms. Depending on what you spent your money on, you could have bought one-time PermaPlate protection, a one-year contract, or a seven-year contract. Funny enough, they all cost similar amounts of money.

You will get the chance to get a PermaPlate contract for a determined amount of time at a car dealership.

Most of these contracts last three, five, or seven years. They have certain rules you have to follow – otherwise, the contract meets a brief end, and you get no refunds.

Sometimes, when you buy a car, PermaPlate isn’t a year-long contract. Instead, it’s a one-time protection coat someone applies to your soon-to-be car.

You will hear salesmen tell you they’ll use special products after you pay.

I’ll tell you the wax job is there already, and they are charging you for the sake of it.

Anyway, whether you get the one-time PermaPlate or the yearly contracts, you will get a thorough wash and wax for your car at least once.

The aftermath of that will last anywhere from two weeks to a month, give or take.

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