Should I paint my brake drums? Answered

Should I paint my brake drums?

You can paint your brake drums with no issue whatsoever, whether you’re doing it to prevent rust from appearing or because you like the way it looks. Remember to paint the brake drums alone and nothing else around it.

Why would you paint your brake drums?

  • Protection from rust
  • Asthetic’s

And there’s nothing wrong with painting your brake drums.

You should not paint your rotors and wheel studs, though. The best way to prevent common mistakes is by taking out the brake drum, painting it, waiting for a while for it to dry, and then putting it all together later on.

What paint should I use on brake drums?

You need to use special paint for your brake drums. Don’t go out to the shop and bring the first bucket of paint you see.

  • VHT
  • G2
  • POR-15

These are common paints used for brakes drums and brake calipers.

Why do you need special paint for something like this? Well, the answer is simple: your brake drums are going to face both high and low temperatures, water, mud, and all sorts of things – so you need strong paint that will take all those blows with no problem.

Now, which brand of brake drum paint should you choose? It depends on what you want and who you are!

For example, VHT Brake Caliper Paint comes in a spray can. This option is by far the most affordable one. The POR-15 comes in a half-pint container, and because of that, you’ll need a brush to apply it. Whether you prefer using an air spray can or a brush is up to you.

You can also go for the G2 Brake Caliper Paint System. This one comes with a brush-on application and has a wide variety of colors available.

How do you paint your brake drums? Well, there are plenty of options in the market, and depending on which one you like, you’ll paint your brake drums differently. It’s not that hard, though! Most options come with instructions.

How do I keep my brake drums from rusting?

You can fight against rust by removing any signs of it and using paint as a prevention tactic. The best way to go at it is to scrub off any signs of rust and then rinse it all with brake cleaner. Avoiding wet surfaces will also help, but that’s not always an option.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard you fight against decay, your brake drums will fail.

They will inevitably rust or fail one way or the other as time goes on. Your average brake drum has a four-year lifespan (give or take). After that, it’s time to replace them.

Do brake drums need to be replaced?

You need to replace your brake drums when they make weird noises, vibrate, or feel loose. At the same time, you may have to replace your brake drums if you have weak or poorly functioning brakes. When in doubt, talk to a mechanic and see what’s going on.

The longest you drive around, the more likely it will be that you need to replace your brake drums. Personally, I’d say you have 200,000 miles, give or take, before they give up on you.

Your brake drums won’t fail out of anywhere, though.

You will quickly realize something is wrong when that happens. A brake pedal acting weird, noises or vibrations, and an overall loose feel are all signs of a much-needed replacement.

Remember, the 200,000 miles number is an estimate!

I’m not saying you need to go past that threshold before something goes wrong. It’d be better if you paid attention to the warning signs than the numbers to know whether you need to replace your brake drums or not.

How much does it cost to replace my brake drums?

On average, you’re going to spend anywhere from 200 to 400 dollars to replace your brake drums. Whether it costs 200 or 400 will depend on your car and where you take it. It’d be better if you shop around before driving anywhere – that’ll save you some money.

A word to the wise when it comes to taking your car to the repair shop (no matter what you need): drive around. Or, better said, walk around – if your car issue is brake-related.

Unless you absolutely trust the person who’s taking care of your car, the smartest idea is to call four or five places, ask a couple of questions, and figure out which one is the best.

There’s no difference when it comes to replacing your brake drums. In fact, you will be forced to do this – because certain car shops don’t do this kind of work. So, ask around to find out!

Can I replace brake drums myself?

You can replace your brake drums on your own the same way you can do any sort of work on your car. The problem is you probably are not qualified to do it if you’re asking the question. Your brake drums are important – and it’s better to let a professional handle them.

Look, I get it. You call the mechanic, repair shop, or whatever option you thought of and ask about replacing your brake drums. Then, you hear how much it’ll cost – and you put one hand on your chest and another one on your wallet.

Well, while I do sympathize – I believe safety comes first. After an expert replaces your brake drums, you can forget them for a long time. A real long time.

How long do brake drums last? On average, they last for 200,000 miles. When you think about it, paying someone to replace them doesn’t seem that bad.

Because of that, I recommend letting someone else replace them for you.

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