Rough Country vs Zone Offroad

Rough Country and Zone Offroad are worthy rivals when it comes to offroad lift kits on trucks and SUVs.

While Zone Offroad does not have near the selection for lift kits and accessories as Rough Country does, they still pack a punch for value. Rough Country is no stranger to value either, for almost 50 years Rough Country has been building its reputation as a leader in the offroad sector.

Rough Country is based out of Tennessee, while Zone Offroad is based out of Oklahoma.

Both brands overall are great! They both offer quality parts are great prices. The question is who is better? Rough Country or Zone Offroad?

Are Zone Offroad lift kits made in the USA?

Yes, all Zone Offroad lift kits and accessories are made in the United States of America. Zone Offroad is made by BDS Suspension and both are owned by Sport Truck USA.

Are Rough Country lift kits made in the USA?

No, but Rough Country does manufacture some parts and accessories here in the USA. All of the parts they sell are designed, engineered, and tested in the United States, then manufactured out of the country. Rough Country is owned by Gridiron Capital LLC.

Who has a better warranty – Rough Country or Zone Offroad?

Rough Country has a much better warranty than Zone offroad. Zone Offroad’s warranty clause almost releases them of all risk for covering any warranty claims. They have blankets clauses that a fancy lawyer surely wrote up.

Rough Country’s Warranty:

As you can see Rough Country offers warranty for different items they sell. These all range from a lifetime warranty down to a 1-year warranty.

Zone Offroad Warranty:

Zone Offroad

  1. The warrnanty is only for the orginal purchaser.
  2. If you run larger tires than factory the warranty is voided.
  3. If you run larger wheels than factory the warranty is voided.
  4. Blanket warranty clause “warranty does not include consumer opninions about areas such as ride comfort, fitment, or design”

I spoke to Zone Offroad technical support about their warranty information, they definitely attempted to explain how it works.

The warranty information says “products that wear out or fail due to use of larger wheels or tires are not covered under this warranty by Zone Offroad”, But the product listing has tire size recomendations for each lift kit. The represenative was not able to confirm if the warranty would still cover parts if the recomended tires size was used along side the lift kit.

I brought up how vague the warranty information is and expressed my concern that it is “blanket coverage for the ability to void any claim”. The representative conquered, but also said “This is how anyone’s warranty information will be”.

I called Rough Country to see if they have the same warranty practices as Zone Offroad, and how they stacked up with each other.

Rough Country:

  1. The Warranty is also not transferable to a new owner
  2. Rough Country has suggested tire sizes listed for each lift kit that are larger than factory. This allows you to be covered under their waranty without question.
  3. Rough Country has sugggested wheel sizes, and back spacing listed for each lift kit, so the warranty coverage will be without question.
  4. Rough country does not have a warranty clause exluding the warranty from opions on ride quiality, fitment, or desnign of the lift kit.

From my conversation with a Rough Country representative, it is clear that they do not find any reason they can void a warranty. Instead, they work on a case-by-case basis if the square peg does not fit the round hole.

Which manufacturer has better customer service?

The customer service offered by each manufacture is quite good. I personally called each manufacture to see wait times for technical support and to ask one simple question.

Zone Offroad:

I liked how quickly my call was transferred to a technical support representative, and how quickly my question was answered. The phone call took a total of 1 minute and 51 seconds to complete. *audio may be loud*

Rough Country:

The best part of contacting Rough Country customer support is not having to mess with a robot to direct my call. Even though I was on hold for a couple of minutes, a human was able to help me start through finish. The phone call took 4 minutes and 16 seconds to complete. *audio may be loud*

Overall both Rough Country and Zone Offroad get 5 stars for customer service.

Is Rough Country and Zone Offroad pricing similar?

Yes, the pricing between these two manufacturers is extremely similar. It would seem they cater to the same demographic of customers. Below you can find comparisons on similar lift kits each manufacture offers.

Which manufacture has better quality?

Rough Country and Zone Offroad have great quality products for the price they offer them. Yes, better riding and better quality lift kits are on the market. They all come in at a much higher price – Like always you get what you pay for.

Rough Country:

Zone Offroad:

How fast is shipping from each manufacture?

Well, this is a COVID time of year, so expect shipping times to be a bit more than usual.

Rough Country free shipping time frame: 1-5 Days

Zone Offroad free shipping time frame: Zone Offroad does not offer free shipping

Rough Country fastest shipping: Overnight shipping

Zone Offroad fastest shipping: Standard ground shipping

Which manufacturers lift kits are easiest to install?

Rough Country has always tailored their lift kits and their engineering to that of a great performing and easy to install lift kit for anyone of all skill levels.

I have personally installed many of their lift kits throughout my lifetime. My first being when I was 16 years old, I kept the neighbors up all hours of the night installing the kit from Friday to Sunday. Good times with that electric impact and chrome sockets! Yea, I also didn’t know what a coil spring compressor was. So it made for some sketchy times with a floor jack under the lower control arm.

The latest project with a rough country lift kit was on my 98 Jeep Wrangler TJ. Took about 7 hours to complete start to finish.

4″ RC lift kit install:

Zone Offroad being in the same market as Rough Country and built by BDS Suspension as a cheaper alternative has tailored their lift kits in the same way; Easy to install for those of all skill levels.

While I do not have any personal experience installing their lift kits. The research I have done, and looking through the installation instructions for some of their lifts. I have found they will be a great candidate for a DIY kind of builder!

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