Rockcrawling Parks/Offroad Trails in Texas

Black Gap Road×4-road/

Trail Length: 8.6 miles

Difficulty: moderate to hard

Terrain: Dirt and rock

Trail Time: Around 2 hours

With 8.6 miles to cover and a trail time of around 2 hours, brace yourself for difficult zones when covering the Black Gap Road trail. Located right inside the Big Bend National Park, this off-road trail is distinct from the others i.e., it has earned the Jeep Badge of Honor Trail! Additionally, it’s one of the most well-known and best offroad trails in Texas.

It’s worth noting that this is also one of the most unmaintained road networks within this park. However, it’s quite interesting as it offers the connection between Glenn Springs Road and River Road. As a driver, you are guaranteed scenic views of the vast Chisos Mountain Range in addition to the outstanding vistas of the renowned Chihuahua Desert.

Hidden Falls Adventure Park

Park Size: 2100 Acres

Difficulty: Easy, Moderate, Hard

Terrain: Rock, Gravel

Hidden Falls adventure park is known for its all-around great offroading experience. They have trails and lines for just about any vehicle, ATV, SXS, Jeep, buggy, Full-Size, or even dirtbikes.

With the number of trails and the size of the park, you could spend days inside without even seeing everything. Hidden Falls Adventure Park is open Thursday-Sunday and sometimes Monday depending if there is a holiday or not. They have many cabins available for rent, primitive camping, and RV spots you can use during your trip.

If you do not have your own offroad vehicle, they offer rentals to get you onto the trails. Definitely, a fun park to check out if you live within Texas or you’re visiting Texas.

If you’re looking to split your offroad trip with a day at the lake, Lake LBJ is right next door. About a 20 minute drive into town and you can find hundreds of restaurants and fun activities for the kids.

Hidden Falls Adventure Park Trail Map:

Some notable obstacles at Hidden Falls Adventure Park:


Hog Alley:

Hog Alley, is one of Hidden Falls Adventure Park’s easy trails. The trail is exactly what it seems! Imagine a wild pig breeding ground. Mainly large water wallows, but many bypasses. A stock ATV, SXS, Dirt Bike, Jeep, or Buggy will have no issues with this trail.


Boss Hog:

If this is your first time at Hidden Falls Adventure Park, I will suggest moving on to a slightly harder trail. No reason to go all out right now. It’s time to learn your way around the park and test your capabilities. Boss hog is a great next step in any vehicle you choose.

Any sort of flat land trail or creek bed of almost any level is a great stepping stone at Hidden Falls. Even though some creek bed trails have levels of up to 5. A “stock’ish” Jeep can complete them without issues.


North Peak:

While ATVs and Dirt Bikes can still complete this trail, a SXS, Full-Size, or Jeep is recommended because we are starting to go uphill now. If coming out of the creek beds wanting some more rock crawling experiences, North peak is the trail for you. While this trail does have some notable climbs and ledges to navigate, all of them have bypasses to go around.

Again a “stock’ish” jeep or a stock SXS will have no issues here.


Green Mile:

Green Mile will give you a taste of your vehicle’s limits while still having some sort of option to end your trail ride early. Green Miles is kind of made of 5 stages or 5 levels to complete. Each obstacle at the end comes to a flat portion in the road where you can see your next move or turn down the road when you don’t think you can make it further.

A stock SXS with lockers will not have a problem here and a “stock’ish” Jeep with lockers will not have a problem here when dry.

Stone Hedge:

Alright, want to test the true limits of your rig? Okay, well Stone Hedge is off-limits for SXS’s and ATV’s. That means your Jeep or Buggy will be the only choice for this trail.

We’ll let the video do the talking.

Katemcy Rocks

Park Size: 800 Acres

Difficulty: Easy/Medium/Hard

Terrain: Rocks/Gravel

While Katemcy Rocks are known for their extreme rock crawling, and offroading. There is still something to be said for their less aggressive trials.

For any vehicle attempting a level 4 trail or higher, it is mandatory the vehicle is equipped with a full roll cage. For any trail below level 4, a factory rolls cage or factory metal hard roof is the minimum requirement to wheel here. This will completely rule out ATV’s, and dirt bikes from riding here. For good reason too!

Katemcy Rocks host many rock crawling events throughout the year. A few notable mentions are W.E Rock, and Reign of Rocks.

Katemcy Rocks offers great lodging, camping, RV, and Cabins solutions for your stay.

Katemcy Rocks Trail Map




Ranch Roads:

The easiest trail I would suggest is sticking to the ranch road while you get familiar with the park. You can check out trails on the way, and write down what you want to try later. The Ranch Road will still be a lot of fun in any kind of vehicle you are in!


No Name & Swimming Hole:

After your first lap around the park on ranch roads, make your way to the opposite side of the park; furthest away from the entrance to Katemcy. If you look on the front map, this road is on the far upper left, it will take you to the back 40 map. These 2 trails will take your offroad trip up a notch – this park goes mild to wild pretty quick, so just watch where you’re going.


Devils Draw:

For your first time at Katemcy Rocks, I would recommend heading over to Devils Draw. There are 2 parts to devils draw. A section of difficult and a section of easy. Mixed in with this trail are turnouts to even harder advanced obstacles. If you’re struggling with the blue section of Devils Draw you can head back out on the green portion of the trail.


Pick your poison for extreme trials at Katemcy. You will find extreme obstacles at just about every turn – your first trip out, you will be blown away vehicles can actually traverse such obstacles. The more you go, the more comfortable you will feel and the more you will try harder trails.

Wolf Caves

Park Size: 430 acres

Difficulty: Easy/Medium/Hard

Terrain: Rocks/Gravel

Wolf Caves is located right across the way from Katemcy Rocks. Wolf caves offer a very similar experience, but at the same time completely different. While the rock formations may look similar, and the rock textures may feel the same. The park will feel entirely different!

Wolf Caves offroad park packs in over 100 trails/obstacles on its 430 acres while Katemcy across the road has just over 37 marked trails over its 800+ acres. Wolf Caves definitely packs a punch for the offroad enthusiast.

Wolf Caves has 4 cabins available for rent, and many RV parking spaces with electrical connections for rent. Reservations are required. Make sure to call in advance to secure your spot!

Wolf Caves Trail Map:

Rockstar recently visited Wolf Caves on its Great American Crawl.

Barnwell Mountain

Park Size: 1,850 acres

Difficulty: Easy/Medium/Hard

Terrain: Dirt/Gravel/Mud/Rocks

Barnwell Mountain is located just outside of Gilmer, TX. This east Texas wheeling/Rockcrawling park is a true destination for any off-roader. If you’re looking for a change of scenery from the hill country, or you want to take on your first offroading trip; Barnwell Mountain will get your fix.

You can bring your ATV, Jeep, Full-Size, Buggy, SXS, or dirt bike!

In true East Texas fashion, you will find more dirt hill climbs, and extreme trails packed into this massive park. You could explore here for days forgetting about the mortgage, car payment, and the boss at work. A nice escape from reality – may it be a day trip or a full weekend trip!

Barnwell Mountain is very close to amenities and offers Cabins, RV parking, and Primitive camping spots for rent.

Barnwell Mountain Trail Map:

Trees Ranch

Park Size: 5500 acres

Difficulty: Easy/Medium/Hard

Terrain: Dirt/Gravel/Rock

While the majority of Trees Ranch offroad park is an exotic game ranch, it still offers some world-class offroading and rock crawling. This rock crawling park will bring you back to the Texas hill country. It offers some crazy hill climbs with gnarly ledges. A lot of the park will not be for the faint of heart. Lockers and oversized tires are the bare minimum and a nice roll cage will help keep you safe.

Trees Ranch does not offer any Cabins but they do offer RV spots and camping area for rent.

Trees Ranch is limited to Jeeps, Full-size vehicles, and SXS’s.

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