Las Vegas Off-Road Trail Guide

There’s more to Las Vegas than gambling and bright lights. Off-roading is also a great way to have fun over there!

The desert, alongside scenic views, will provide you with a great opportunity to take your 4WD and start an adventure.

I’ll give you three of everything: easy, intermediate, and hard trails for you to tackle.

You may need to pay for a permit to drive on certain routes – make sure you have everything you need before starting your engine!

So, what are the best off-road trails Las Vegas has to offer?

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Easy Off-Road Trails near Las Vegas

Callville Wash North Trail

This small trail is near 2 miles long, and you will only need an hour or so to see it through.

It’s a short, easy ride – perfect for beginners or people with young kids who want to go out on a little escapade (that won’t turn into anything bigger than that).

Don’t let the length fool you, though. Sure, you’re not going to drive that much, but you sure will see plenty.

The place used to be an outpost for a Mormon settlement and worked as a garrison. Soon after the war ended, the garrison was shut down. Little by little, people abandoned the place.

All in all, it’s a great place for drivers who are just starting out with their four-wheelers, those who want to practice, or pretty much anyone not looking for a challenge.

Mile Road

At a length of 28 miles and two hours and a half long, Mile Road is another easy trail for beginners and people who are not looking for a challenge but light fun instead.

The great thing about the Mile Road trail is that you can have a little adventure here. Drive for a bit, hike for a bit, and swim for a bit (yes, there’s a beach area over there!)

Now, make sure you have plenty of food and drinks to help you make the most out of that little adventure – because you won’t find that many places to buy anything in the middle of it all.

If you’re not feeling like getting out of the truck, that’s no problem at all! Mile Road still is a trail worth driving through.

And I’d say it’s a little better than Callville Wash, only because of the wildlife that you may get to see.

Alamo Road

The longest trail out of the three easy ones, Alamo Road, takes close to three hours to drive through. You have 30 miles ahead of you when you start driving, though.

This trail is the perfect option for camping enthusiasts and people who love to explore unknown (and beautiful) places.

If you have your truck and tent, you can make the most out of this place and its unrestricted camping option.

You can also stop by and wander through the canyons and mountains, then go back to the city. Some people love to go there and spend the weekend camping, though!

Are you having a hard time dealing with the Vegas Valley heat? Alamo Road has plenty of elevated places where temperatures cool down a little bit – places where you can get some rest.

Intermediate Off-Road Trails near Las Vegas

Boathouse Cove Road

A short and sweet ride. You need less than an hour to drive through Boathouse Cove Road.

The trail length is a little under six miles – but there are some bumps and surprises along the road, so I’m marking this one as intermediate.

You can bring your tent, food, and drinks to have some day-long fun that involves hiking and water fun.

In fact, you can expect plenty of water fun – because you’ll be surrounded by lakes. Then again, off-roading over there is more than enough to have some fun.

Anyway, no matter what you want to do, Boathouse Cove Road is perfect for people who don’t feel that much of a rush on an easy trail but are not sure if they are ready for something more.

It’s the perfect trail to sharpen your off-roading skills!

Nelson Roller Coaster

This trail has a little bit of everything: a great scenic view, steep climbs, rolling hills, and a few more things. It’s 10 miles long and takes one to two hours to drive through.

If driving through Boathouse Cove Road doesn’t feel exciting enough, this trail is the one for you. You’re going to find hills to climb and a few more places where you can take your truck and maneuver through.

Don’t worry, though. It may sound hard, but it’s nothing that you cannot do if you ever went off-roading before.

Way back when, the Nelson area was one of the first places that triggered the gold rush. As far as

I know, there’s no more gold over there – but it sure feels like a rush to off-road down there.

Wheeler Pass

Wheeler Pass is close to the longest trail so far: 28 miles long. You’ll need two hours and a half plus some off-roading expertise to make it to the end.

This trail is like a test of sorts. If you have no issues driving over here, you’re ready to test your skills down at the hardest trails.

You’re going to find a lot of things that no trail on this list has.

For one, there are old furnaces built in the nineteenth century – that, of course, are no longer working.

Another beautiful sight that you may get to see (if you’re lucky enough) is wild horses galloping down on a distant road.

There’s not much to say other than go ahead and give it a try! Or, perhaps, you’re looking for something a bit more difficult – and you’ll find it down below.

Hard Off-Road Trails near Las Vegas

Potato Ridge Road

This trail goes before the other two hard ones because, depending on your truck and the weather, you may have to deal with an intermediate-hard trail or a downright hard one.

Either way, you have close to 9 miles’ worth of trail to tackle, and you’ll need two to three hours of your time to do so.

Local off-roading enthusiasts love this trail, and so will you – if you’re experienced enough to drive around with no major issues.

I’m not going to lie: there are some obstacles – but there are also bypasses for most of them.

Obstacles or otherwise, you’ll find there’s a beautiful view all the way through.

Nelson Goldmine Trail

This trail is close to 11 miles long, will take two hours to go through, and has a lot for you to digest. Are you ready?

Alright, for starters, this trail is not for beginners or intermediates who want to test their luck – hardened veterans only.

There’s plenty of obstacles here, both natural and man-made (I’m talking about the abandoned mining equipment you’ll stumble upon from time to time).

And there’s also a terrible backstory here. This trail is located in the Nelson area (the same one I talked about above), and people experienced the worst side of the gold rush there.

People used to settle their disputes with bullets. There were so many clashes that killings became an everyday thing.

Fortunately, there are no more open-field battles here – so you can off-road through this trail with no worries!

Anniversary Mine Trail

One of the hardest trails near Las Vegas is the Anniversary Mine Trail. It’s almost 10 miles long and will take one to two hours to go through.

Seem easy, right? Wrong!

Don’t let the seemingly short trail time fool you. There’s plenty for you here to maneuver through – and beginner off-roading enthusiasts shouldn’t try their luck.

This is a fitting adventure for veterans, though. There’s a little bit of everything here: obstacles, abandoned mining equipment, water, and plenty of dirt for your 4WD.

All in all, you may find the Nelson Goldmine Trail a little easier or, perhaps, a little harder than this one right here.

I’d leave this one for you to try when you’re sure of your off-roading abilities – but that’s just me.

From time to time, it’s going to feel a little steep; perhaps, you’ll feel boxed in during certain portions of your ride. Keep your cool, though – because it’s doable!

More importantly, it’s worth it! This trail is beautiful and fun.

What’s the best off-road trail near Las Vegas?

The Alamo Road trail is the best for beginners, the Boathouse Cove Road is perfect for intermediate drivers, and veteran off-roading enthusiasts will love the Anniversary Mine Trail.

Of course, there are more trails than that for you near Las Vegas! I showed you nine of them, but there are plenty hidden (and not so hidden) around Sin City.

Make sure you choose a trail that suits you.

Beginners have nothing to prove, so there’s no sense in jumping straight into intermediate trails.

At the same time, intermediate or veteran drivers will find no fun in easy trails. Safety comes first – but having fun is a close second!

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