New Tuscadero Jeep Wrangler Limited Edition

Chrysler just broke the internet with their newest color option available for order now for a limited time!

By far, the new Jeep Wrangler color option is the best I’ve seen yet. I have never owned a new jeep wrangler, only wranglers before the year 2007. This all may change in the next few months. Not only is the new color over the top, but they nailed the color code. Any more or any less to either side of the pink color spectrum and they could have been on a downhill trek to a Mary K Cadillac.

How long will the Tuscadero Jeep Wrangler be Available?

The color is available for the Jeep brand’s 80th birthday party. That means if you want this color you will have to act fast. I would have never imagined Jeep being this bold in the first place, I really cannot imagine this color sticking around too long. Jeep has said this paint color will only be available through November!

How much is the Tuscadero Jeep Wrangler?

This new paint color is a factory option offered by jeep for the low low price of $395.00. It seems for their own 80th birthday, they are gifting us a once and a lifetime opportunity to stand out in your hometown!

Which Jeep models can I get the Tuscadero paint color?

This edition will be available only for the Wrangler body style. Fortunately for us Wrangler lovers it will be available for any trim you desire. From the sport edition all the way to an awesome Wrangler Rubicon.

How soon would I get my Tuscadero Jeep Wrangler?

That is a hard question to answer considering all the slowdowns all industries are facing currently from you know what. It would be safe to say since Jeep is only offering this paint color through the month of November in 2021… We will begin seeing shipments shortly thereafter in 2022. I would say the wait will be less than that of a Tesla Model X. This is speculation at best since Jeep has not announced when the first orders will be shipped.

Can I order the Tuscadero Jeep right now?

Yes, you can order this bold color right now on your new Jeep wrangler. Here is the link to go build for it now!

Will the Tuscadero color be available for the Jeep Gladiator?

Unfortunately, the new guy in town will not be receiving this paint color. I guess you can say he still needs to earn his stripes before being invited to the cool kids club.

Will Jeep offer the Tuscadero paint color after November 2021?

As far as everyone knows currently, this will be the only time Jeep will ever offer the Tuscadero paint color. If you want it, the time is now.


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