What is Considered High Mileage on a Jeep Wrangler? Answered

What is Considered High Mileage on a Jeep Wrangler?

For most vehicles, high mileage will mean between 100,000 miles-200,000 miles.

The number is different for everyone, for me, I consider a vehicle high mileage after 275,000 miles. This may be because I have driven so many old vehicles with many more miles than this.

My wife on the other hand believes a vehicle has high mileage after 50,000 miles. 

I have been buying and driving Jeep wranglers for many years at this point. If I were to put my daughter in a wrangler, I would look for a Jeep With 100,000 miles or less. 

Are high mileage Jeep Wranglers reliable?

Yes, a high mileage Jeep wrangler can be reliable. It comes down to how it was maintained by the previous owner.  

At 50k, 100k, or 200k miles there will still be parts that need replacing.  My favorite part about Jeep Wranglers is how cheap the parts are, my 2nd favorite part about a Jeep Wrangler is how easy they are to work on. 

When buying any vehicle, a budget should be set aside to replace all fluids, filters, and address all items due for service intervals in the manual. I would also set aside a budget for parts replacement if something does go out. 

Which year of Jeep Wrangler is the best?

As far as reliability, performance, and creature comfort my personal opinion is a 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK. While I wanted to say 1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ, I know these are not practical for everyone. Especially if you plan to daily drive it, or tote the kids around town. 

What are the most common problems with Jeep Wranglers?

Jeep Wrangler suffers from domesticvehicleitis (yea I made that word up). This basically means domestic vehicles like Ford, check, dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, and others will break parts quite often, and much more often than a Toyota or Honda. 

The greatest part of domestic vehicles though is how cheap replacement parts are. While a Toyota Camry transmission costs $4000 used, a transmission in a Jeep Wrangler costs $1200 new. 

A Jeep Wrangler does have quite a few major  parts that are common offenders: 

  • Head gaskets
  • Exhaust header cracks
  • Starter 
  • Valve cover gasket 
  • Rear main seal
  • Heater core
  • Pinion seals
  • Death wobble 

While some of these could be expensive to repair, as long as the vehicle is maintained properly they should never cause an issue.

Should I buy a Jeep with 100 000 miles?

Yes, a Jeep Wrangler with 100,000-150,000 miles depending on the year and condition will be a great vehicle for years to come. 

Plan on completely servicing the vehicle once it is purchased. 

At what mileage do Jeep Wranglers start having problems?

Between 150,000-200,000 miles. Depending on the condition and service records. If it has been maintained responsibly up to this point, 150,000 miles is when parts will begin to go out.

This would still never stop me from purchasing a wrangler with 150,000-200,000 miles. I personally look for high mileage Jeeps to get the best deal, even 500,000 miles wouldn’t scare me. It just means I’m getting a huge discount. 

Are jeeps high maintenance?

I would say so, if you want a no-frills no maintenance vehicle; check out a Toyota 4-Runner. A tiny jab to Toyota there, at least they make bulletproof vehicles. 

You should expect when buying a Jeep Wrangler of any year or mileage to have around $400 per year in repairs. 

Is 200 000 miles a lot for a Jeep?

My favorite mileage to buy vehicles is between 200,000-250,000 miles. The thought process behind this is I believe vehicles start to break down between 75,000-100,000 miles.

Then again at 150,000-200,000 miles. This to me means everything that was going to break has, and I’ll be almost trouble from until 300,000 miles. Not to mention the great discount I had buying a Wrangler over 200,000 miles. 

Should I buy a Jeep Wrangler that is already lifted? 

I would strongly consider staying away from already modified Jeep’s if I was not completely familiar with Jeep upgrades. If you cannot look at the accessories added, and know exactly what they are, and how they should be installed, do not buy a modified wrangler. 

Modified wranglers are usually a sign of abuse! 

Is buying a Jeep Wrangler worth it?

Yes, even with the corks a Wrangler has. The community and the fun your family will have make up for it for any drama. Imagine driving into town to get groceries with the kids and they are excited to ride in the jeep because the top is off. That’s fun! 

What are the worst years for Jeep Wrangler?

There are not bad years of Jeep Wrangler per se. Each model fits different criteria. A 2007-2018 JK will provide family fun with extra space, whereas a 1954 Jeep Wrangler will provide fun for a true enthusiast. 

How long will a Jeep 2.5 last? 

The 2.5L I4 (inline 4) is a great reliable engine. It has a putter-like engine output at best. Nonetheless, it will take you on adventures for decades. 

How long will a Jeep 4.0 last? 

The 4.0l I6 (inline 6) is the 2.5l I4’s big brother. Essentially the same engine, but with 2 extra cylinders. Power will still be uninspiring at best but will last for generations. 

How long will a jeep 3.8 last?

The 3.8 V6 replaced the wrangler 4.0 I6 in 2007. This engine has great power and performance and has had over 11 years to prove itself. Rest assured knowing you have a 3.8 v6. 

How long will an AX5 last? 

The AX5 is a 5-speed manual transmission that was mated to the 2.5L I4 engine. Respectable transmission – easy and cheap to repair and replace. 

How long will an AX15 last? 

Used in Wranglers from 1986 -1999 the AX15 is a 5-speed manual transmission mated to the 4.0L I6 engine. Another great transmission with little drama to expect.

How long will an A904 (30RH) last?

Automatic transmission was used in vehicles dating back to the 60s. This no-frills transmission is respectable and will be reliable for years to come. 

How long will a 42RLE last?

A more problematic Chrysler automatic transmission. Expect replacing or repairing transmission every 125,000-150,000 miles. 

How long will an NV1550  last? 

The manual transmission was used in 2003-2004 Jeep Wrangler. Quickly replaced for a good reason. 

How long will an NV3550 last?

A beefier version of NV3550 was used in 2000-2004. While better than an NV1550, this manual transmission still had its major downfalls. 

How long will an NSG370 last? 

The 6-speed manual transmission was used between 2007-current. Do not expect many issues from this transmission. 

How long will a W5A580 last?  

Used in wranglers 2012-2017 this automatic transmission so considered reliable by many. 

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