F150 Key Fob stopped working – Solution

Why won’t my key fob work if the battery is fine?

If you can’t get your key fob to work, you may have a broken or a deprogrammed key fob. On the other hand, your car doors could have an electrical or mechanical issue, making them unresponsive to a functioning key fob.

So, let’s break it down. Is it your key fob, or is it the door?

You can use a backup remote and see if it works: if the door unlocks, your key fob is the problem; if the door remains locked, your car doors may have a problem.

Other than that, you can check possible issues individually, one by one. Here’s a list:

Possible key fob issues when the battery is fine

Broken parts on key:

Open your key fob and look inside. Does it have something missing, broken, or loose? That may be the reason why you can’t unlock your doors. You need to replace your key fob if that’s the case. Then again, if everything is fine in there, you may have another issue.

Deprogrammed key fob:

A perfectly fine but unresponsive key fob might be deprogrammed. Something like that usually happens when you change its battery. Sometimes, it happens out of nowhere. Check your manual to see how to reset your key fob – or keep reading because I’ll cover it down below.

Possible door issues when the key fob is fine

  • Battery The thing is, your car has a battery too. If your car battery is running low, you won’t be able to unlock your doors with a key fob. Try to get the engine running – if you can’t, your car battery is the culprit.
  • Something more complicated: Other than battery issues, your car may have a bigger problem than I could talk about without having looked at it. At this point, I’d recommend calling a mechanic and explaining your situation. Make sure to tell them the issue isn’t your key fob and that you don’t need a new battery.

Do I need to reprogram my key fob after replacing its battery?

One of the biggest issues key fob owners face is having a deprogrammed key fob. After replacing your battery, you need to reprogram your key fob every time – and most people forget about that!

The longest you own your car, the more likely it will be that you need a new battery for your key fob.

It may not seem like it, but you use your key fob all the time! That’s why you will have to change it someday soon – unless you buy a new car before the battery dies.

Anyway, if you are a hands-on kind of person, you’ll probably change the battery yourself – and soon realize that you cannot unlock your car doors anymore.

Did you break something? Not at all! You need to reprogram your key fob after the battery change.

Now, if you took your key fob to a repair shop, you have nothing to worry about. The people working there will change the battery and reprogram the key fob themselves.

How much does it cost to reprogram a key fob?

Reprogramming your key fob may cost you up to 100$. That may or may not include a battery replacement. In that case, both replacement and reprogramming may cost a little more – but it all depends on where you take your key fob.

100$ to reprogram a key fob may sound like a lot, and it probably is. You can reprogram it yourself in less than ten minutes – if you know what you’re doing, that is.

Here’s the thing: 100$ is a worst-case scenario. You’ll probably spend that if you want a battery replacement as well, give or take. To reprogram it alone, it won’t be anywhere that amount.

Then again, you may not know how to reprogram your key fob, so you may have to bite the bullet.

There are two ways to learn how to reprogram your key fob. The first one is to look for your manual. You may learn how to do it from there. You can also read down below, where I’ll explain the most common way to reprogram your key fob.

Can I reprogram a key fob myself?

Most car owners can check their manual to figure out how to reprogram their key fob. You can try the most common method to reprogram a key fob if you don’t have it. You need your car, your car keys, and a little bit of patience.

  1. Get inside your car and close the doors
  2. Put your car keys in the ignition
  3. Turn the key to the run position (don’t start the car – the run position is halfway through before that) and return to the lock position (where you were before) several times (how many times depends on your car, so you’ll have to keep going for no more than ten times)
  4. If you were able to reprogram the key fob after the previous step, you will hear a sound coming from your car
  5. Without removing the key from the ignition, press the lock button – if you were successful, you will hear a second sound
  6. Try your key fob

Can I drive my car without a key fob?

Absolutely! In most cases, a key fob is not necessary to use your car at all. There are keyless cars with a push-button, and they may be more trouble to drive without a key fob, but you can do it most of the time.

If you have your car keys, you can use them to unlock the doors, turn the engine on, and do everything else you can think of. No key fob is needed.

When it comes to keyless cars, things get trickier. The good news is, most cars have keys and keyholes, push-button or not. The bad news, you’ll have to find it.

Check your key fob for a release button so you can finally see your key. Then look for the keyholes on the car doors and dashboard, so you can turn on your car.

And then, drive to a repair shop to figure out what’s wrong with your key fob.

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