Jeep Wrangler U1411 – Engine Code Solution – Implausible Fuel Volume Signal Received

What does the Jeep code U1411 mean?

The engine code U1411 means “Implausible Fuel Volume Signal Received.” That means there’s a sensor in your Jeep getting a reading that’s not normal and borderline impossible to happen under usual conditions.

That doesn’t mean you have something wrong with your car. Abnormal readings are often a consequence of faulty sensors or a loose wire.

More often than not, this code is triggered by using a remote key.

If that happens to you, the issue is in your ignition. You’ll have to check the entire power control module to find out what’s wrong, though.

If that’s not the case, there’s something wrong with the car’s computer. It’s a little tricky, but you’ll understand what I mean when you read down below.

Jeep Code U1411

Causes of code U1411

  • Faulty Body Control Module
  • Faulty Power Control Module

Symptoms of code U1411

  • Engine light is on
  • Faulty remote start
  • Ignition trouble

Fixes for code U1411

  • Replace faulty sensors in the PCM/BCM/CAN
  • Repair faulty wiring in the PCM/BCM/CAN

Can I drive with a code U1411?

As long as your car allows you to drive around, you won’t damage your engine or anything other when you experience a code U1411. Remember that you may not be able to start your car, though.

The code U1411 is nothing but a bad reading coming from a sensor. In this case, your car is telling you there’s an implausible level of fuel in the tank.

In other words, the car is telling you it’s impossible to have the amount of fuel it believes it has.

So, unless you have an infinite amount of gas in your tank or your car can magically run on empty, this is nothing but a way your car has of telling you there’s a faulty sensor.

Why does the code U1411 happen?

More often than not, the code U1411 is caused by a faulty sensor or by poor wiring behind the power control module or the body control module. In most cases, for some unknown reason, the malfunction is triggered by a remote key.

The exact reason behind the U1411 is hard to pinpoint without an inspection. There’s a simple reason for this: there’s more than one possible scenario where this error code happens.

You can narrow it down only once, though. If it only happens when you use the remote key, you have ignition issues, which are probably rooted in the PCM.

Other than that, you need to diagnose it on your own. Which means either checking every possible wire and sensor yourself or going to the mechanic. More on that down below.

Will the code U1411 go away on its own?

On certain occasions, you may have to do little to fix this issue. Most of the time, you will trigger a code U1411 by using a remote key. If that’s the case, the issue will go away when you start the car by putting the regular key in the ignition.

With that being said, you’re not completely solving the issue at hand. You’re simply avoiding whatever is causing the issue.

And, for the time being, that’s more than enough to get you going.

Then again, you may like to use your remote key. Or, perhaps, you still have your warranty and want your dealership to deal with the issue.

In that case, try to solve the issue as soon as possible. Other than that, turn your car in the old school fashion until you can see a mechanic.

Of course, this isn’t me telling you to never fix whatever is happening to your Jeep. Not at all. What I’m saying is not to panic and rush to the repair shop.

You don’t have that much of a problem – as long as you’re having this issue when you start your car with the remote key alone.

You should see a mechanic if the issue persists no matter what, though.

How do I fix a code U1411?

There are a couple of ways to fix the code U1411. First of all, try and see if you can make it go away by restarting your car a couple of times. If that doesn’t fix the issue, you may have to check the sensors and wiring of a couple of places.

As you know, the U1411 is almost always a computer problem, which is another way of saying you have a malfunctioning sensor – somewhere inside your car.

How can you find the faulty sensor? Well, you can check the BCM yourself. Nine times out of ten, that’s your culprit. You could have a faulty wire somewhere behind the PCM as well.

And that’s the thing: there’s no way to narrow down your search other than going car part by car part and looking for what went wrong.

You may not be skilled enough to do it (don’t worry, though, most people aren’t).

So, how do you fix code U1411? You drive to a repair shop and throw money at them. Unless you’re a very skilled mechanic, that is.

Can I fix this issue on my own?

You can get your hands dirty and try to fix whatever is causing the code U1411 if you know your way around cars. It’s far from an easy issue to solve – and a mechanic is probably better suited for this job.

Look, if you want to take a look yourself, go right ahead. It’s your car!

But believe me, when I tell you, you’re going to have a hard time pulling this task. Even experienced mechanics have trouble with this code.

I’ll be honest: you’re probably going to have a hard time with the diagnosis alone. After that, you may have it easy or difficult depending on what’s wrong.

You’ll need a little bit of car knowledge, electrician skills, and luck to solve this one.

And if you make a mistake, you may end up with a car that doesn’t start (remember: you may have a PCM issue here – that’s ignition related.)

Do you want to take a crack at it? Go ahead! If I were you, I’d save myself the frustration and drive to the repair shop.

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