Jeep Wrangler TJ Locker Guide

Dana 30/35 Lockers

These lockers are available for the Dana 30 and Dana 35 axle. When choosing a set of lockers it is important to understand what you are purchasing. While this guide is not the end-all-be-all of locker guides. It will be updated frequently with the best knowledge and tips from those In the community.

Aussie Locker (Lunchbox Locker)
Aussie Locker

Aussie Locker: (Lunchbox locker):

A respectable locker used for many offroad jeeps and buggies alike. Known for its reliability, easy install, and ease of use. It is important to know, while it is not advised to use a lunch box locker on both the front and rear, it is completely possible and can work great for budget offroaders. On-road driving will include many pops and cracks while turning or accelerating. Complete guide coming soon.

Aussie Locker information: (1/5)

Aussie Locker Front and Rear- Is it possible? Opens in a new tab.

Eaton Detroit TrueTrac Locker
Detroit Locker

Eaton Detroit TrueTrac:

A company with a long linage within autosports. From racing to rock crawling, Eaton is tried and true. If you are looking for a bulletproof LSD for your jeep that will not break the budget, this may be a great option. Complete guide coming soon.

Eaton E-Locker
Easton E-Locker

Eaton E-Locker:

Looking for something with more control? The Eaton E-locker is a reliable choice for your jeep. The ability to select when the axle is locked is an amazing added bonus for those who still want to daily drive their jeep. Tame, cool, calm and collected is what the Eaton E-locker lives by. Complete guide coming soon.

ARB lockers & ARB Compressor
ARB air locker & Compressor

ARB Air Locker:

By far the most desired offroad locker in the world, for good reason too. While an ARB air locker can be confusing to design and build. It will set the bar of expectation so high for a locker, you will never want to go back to the old way of life. Complete guide coming soon.

OX Locker Manual Cable Shifter
OX Manual Cable Locker

OX-Locker Manual/Cable shift Locker:

The OX-Locker name has been around probably before you were born, at least before I was born. This brand offers its lockers in many styles including limited-slip, e-locker, air locker, and even the infamous manual cable locker. When I say infamous, it is not in the way you think. The cable-shifted Ox-Locker system has been tainted with poor unreliable designs in the past. The question is, in 2021 is the manual Ox-Locker became great again? Complete guide coming soon.

Dana 44 Compatible: (Not compatible for Dana 30/35)

These lockers are not compatible with the Dana 30 and Dana 35 axles, probably for good reason. They can still be used with a stock factory optioned Dana 44 from a non-rubicon trim. As well as the Rubicon trim offered from a Jeep Wrangler. It is questionable if these are still a great fit for a Dana 44.

Fool Spool Locker
Full Spool Locker

Full Spool Locker:

A full spool is a complete replacement of the carrier and spider gears, eliminating many components that could fail with other types of lockers. A full spool will transfer 100% of power from the transmission to the wheels on the ground. In other words, a full spool can break a stock Dana 44 axle shaft in two in no time or less. While full spools are extremely reliable, they are the worst fit for on-road driving. Complete guide coming soon.

Mini Spool Locker
Mini Spool Locker

Mini Spool Locker:

Mini spools can offer great offroad performance and horrible on-road performance just like a full spool. While a mini spool is by far the easiest way to lock either the front or rear end, It will leave your carrier and spider gears in place. The question often asked is why not weld the spiders instead? A mini spool will also leave in more components to fail alongside axle shafts.. Complete guide coming soon.

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