Jeep accessories that shouldn’t exist

9 ugly useless jeep accessories 

This list is in reverse order… Like it actually matters. They are all equally trash

#1 Jeep eyelashes 

If you have eyelashes on your jeep we are not mad at you. We do not have to agree on everything to still be friends. We all know the $38.99 Amazon Prime deal was too hard to pass up. This is a slippery slope of bad decisions waiting to happen. See a professional if you’re feeling emotionally unstable.

#2 HALO headlights 

I was in high school once upon a time. I have made many questionable decisions as a teenager as well. Just my bad decisions involved sinking my 2wd v6 chevy 1500 on a 10″ lift and 39.5 swampers in the mud on a construction site. Then finding a friend with a universal Caterpillar key to come to save the day.

I don’t exactly know when gaming computers and jeeps started reproducing. But your jeep isn’t packing an RTX3080 bro

#3 Snorkel 

Oaky, ill give it to you… Snorkels do look pretty awesome. This may be the most questionable item on my list. But then again have you actually ever used your snorkel? Are you telling me you have taken your $40,000, Jeep Wrangler, through an actual water crossing that has required a snorkel? If you have, did you make it out okay?

I just really hope that snorkel of yours didn’t give you too much false hope about the capabilities of your rig.

That snorkel of yours is nothing but a plastic straw without sealing these things too for water crossings:

  • Fuse panel waterproofing
  • ECM water proofing
  • Fluid cap water proofing
  • Check all vaccume hoses for leaks
  • Raise axle vent tubes
  • water proofing radiator fan

If you’re actually using that snorkel of yours as designed, then good on you mate!

#4 3” body lift

1″ Body lift = Yeh, that will be okay

2″ Body lift = Ehh, I mean.. I guess…

3″ Body lift = LiFt KiT BrO – LeTs Go MudDiNg BiLlY

Need I say more? If you’re new to offroad and have one of these bad boys in your cart. PSA: just don’t!

#5 Steel Tube Doors 

This one is for my 40 and over crowd!

Guy’s this has never been cool. Nothing screams “I’m a boomer” more than steel tube doors and a trump flag on your jeep.

Take the doors off like the rest of us.

#6 Tail Light Covers

Just when I thought we made it through the plasti-dip’ing taillights black epidemic. This crap comes along just to show pasti-dip a thing or two about rear-end collisions and Darwinism.

Survival of the fittest

#7 20×12 & 20×14 Wheels 

In true mall crawler fashion, you chose 20×12 or 20×14 wheels. While they are definitely aesthetically pleasing… they will not be after the sand and mud grind the finish down to bare metal when you get stuck. It’s a free county I guess. Do what you please.

#8 Ugly Decals 

Just no. It’s not a Jeep Raptor SVT.

#9 Angry Eyes

The holy grail of dumb decisions. Somehow this Jeep accessory can get knocked down time and time again.. but it continues to get back up! Just die already, It is time. This parachute pants of a product went out of style in 2012, but oddly enough people still choose to slap one on.

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