How to Lift a Jeep Commander – Complete Guide

Alright so you have a Jeep Commander and you want to take this beast to a whole new level. A new height, a new stance, and a new attitude. I don’t blame you, this is going to be sweet. Here’s the issue, the Jeep Commander has such little after-market support. In this article, I am going to line out exactly what lift kits, wheels, tires, and accessories will work well with a Jeep Commander.

Will the Jeep Commander work offroad?

The Jeep Commander (WK) was offered between 2005-2010. They were brought to market as a replacement for the Jeep Cherokee. The Jeep WK was offered in both 2 wheel-drive and all-time 4 wheel-drive. Which is a questionable decision to say the least.

What is full time 4 wheel-drive (4wd)?

Full-time 4wd (four-wheel-drive) is a part of Jeeps Quadra-Drive systems they have had throughout the years. A full-time 4wd system is a hybrid between an AWD (all-wheel drive) system and a 4wd (4 wheel-drive) system. This gave the commander the capability of using a selectable low range for offroad use and an AWD system for on-road use, useful in snow, ice, rain, and sandy conditions.

Is Jeep Commander (WK) full time 4 wheel-drive good for offroad?

It will never compare to a fully selectable transfer case that you can control if you’re in 4HI, 4LOW, and even neutral. The Commanders full-time 4wd can still get the job done!

Can the Jeep Commander be Lifted?

Yes, the Jeep Commander can be lifted – there really are not too many options on the market, but we will go over what is out there.

Old Man Emu 2″ Jeep Commander WK Lift Kit

Old Man Emu has been doing this for years, they make some of the best suspension lift kits and upgrades on the market. A 2″ lift kit will get you a little more space to fit larger than stock tires under the Jeep Commander, increase approach angle, Increase departure angle, and see an overall improvement while off the beaten path. in a new tab.

Rocky Road Jeep WK Commander 2.25″ Lift kit

Rocky Road offers a great versatile lift kit for the Jeep Commander. They have organized the lift kit in a way to suit many people and many budgets. From extremely basic and a slight upgrade offroad, to extremely complex and well-performing on and off-road.

You can customize the lift kit in many ways. From just the 2.25″ lift without shocks, to the 2.25″ lift with upgraded nitrogen shocks, and even to the 2.25″ lift kit with monotube nitrogen shocks and replacement control arms.

Their kit starts at just $165.00, but it is highly suggested to add new shocks. This will cost between $261-$324. in a new tab.

Tuff Country 2″ EZ-Ride Suspension Lift Kits

Tuff Country makes a reasonably priced suspension lift kit for a Jeep Commander. The only problem with the lift kit is it doesn’t come with new shocks.

Any time you lift a vehicle it is important to replace the factory shocks with ones that have a longer shaft. If you plan to install a 2″ lift kit you would need to source shocks that have a shaft 2″ longer to retain factory ride and suspension travel. in a new tab.

Are there any lift kits made for a Commander larger than 2″?

No, typically you can pair a suspension lift kit with a body lift to reach the desired lift kit height. The Jeep Commander is a unibody design instead of a body on frame design so it is not possible to do a body lift on these vehicles.

What size tire can I use with a 2″ lift on Jeep Commander?

The best tire size for a Commander on a 2″ lift kit is 32×10.5×17 or 255/75/17. It is possible to run wider tires like 32×12.5×17 with wheel spacers and it is possible to run 33×10.5×17 with some minor trimming inside the wheel well.

Best Tire for Jeep Commander on a 2″ Lift:

Toyo Open Country A/T II 32×10.5×17

Jeep Commander Acessories:

A lift kit and tires are not the only accessories you can add you your Jeep Commander. There are quite a few you can do that will increase the performance of the vehicle offroad.

Light Bar:

The ability to see well offroad at night is a huge advantage. It is the difference between ending up between a rock and a hard place and making it home that night.

Rough Country 20″ Light Bar:

In this day and age with our current technology, there really is not a reason to spend thousands on light bars anymore. An inexpensive light bar from a reputable company that carries a warranty will surface in 2021.

Jeep Commander Light Bar Bracket:

Alongside low after-market support for Commander lift kits comes a lack of support for Commander accessories. There is not a designated brack that back is used to be turn key. Instead, the light bar comes with mounting tabs, it is your job to find where it will work best.

Jeep Commander Winch:

A winch is almost a necessity when going offroad. It adds so much peace of mind you will be wishing you added it to your commander ages ago.

Best Winch for a Jeep Commander:

Rough Country 9500 Pound Pro Series

The Rough Country 9500 winch is a reasonably priced winch that offers great performance and a great warranty to back it up. This will be plenty of power to recover your Jeep Commander or recover your buddy’s, Jeep Wrangler.

Jeep Commander Winch Bracket:

You will need a bracket for the commander to mount your new winch. HK offroad makes one that will look amazing on your Commander.


High Lift Jack:

The next best accessory for any offroad vehicle is a high lift jack. Not only is this a great tool to have when out on a trail, but it is also a great tool to have around the house. From making trail repairs on the rubicon to pulling fence posts in your back yard. A high lift jack is money well spent.


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