What does a flashing D light on a Honda CRV mean? Answered

Flashing D on Honda CRV

When you see a flashing D light as you drive a Honda CRV, you’re facing electrical-related issues in your transmission. It could be anything, from a sensor malfunctioning to issues with the exhaust system that could lead to a fire.

The infuriating thing about the flashing D light is that there’s no way for you to know how grave the problem is, so you have to assume the worst.

More likely than not, you’re about to face a minor issue. There’s a chance you could have a huge problem in your hands as well.

So, my honest advice would be to talk to a mechanic as fast as possible. You’ll know what’s happening right away and avoid any consequences.

You can check it on your own if you have a scan tool. Buying one would be worth the investment if you plan on driving your Honda for a long time.

Nevertheless, if you feel there’s something bigger than a sensor failing, you should drive to the repair shop.

Issues you could have when you see a flashing D light

Minor stuff

When I talk about minor stuff, I’m talking about the little things everyone can fix: a blown fuse, a loose wire, and similar stuff.

This is the kind of issue you don’t have to fix right away, but you should – because it’ll take you ten minutes (if you know what you’re doing).

In fact, when it comes to minor stuff, I’d recommend that you get your hands dirty and get to know your car.

Ignition trouble

Here’s where things get more complicated. Ignition issues could affect your transmission, and they need to be taken seriously.

The good news is you’re not in danger when it comes to ignition trouble; the bad news is your battery probably is.

A malfunctioning ignition switch could power things in your car that are supposed to be off, thus draining your battery overnight.

Fuel supply problems and compression issues

This is the problematic stage. When you have fuel supply issues, it means your car is having a hard time making use of its gas.

That leads to you overworking your engine – and that could make the car hard to drive and also wreak havoc in your car.

Compression issues are similar: they are issues with your engine. They can cause a misfiring as well as poor performance.

In this scenario, you could lose control of your car as you drive – and that’s why this is one of the worst things that could happen.

What should I do when I see a flashing D light on a Honda CRV?

First things first: park the car

The flashing D light is not to be taken lightly. It could be anything from minor electrical trouble to a major transmission issue. Your engine could be compromised as well.

Until you get a better grasp of what’s going on, I recommend that you park the car.

Look, I get it. Your car is a key component in your life. And I want you to drive it for a long time – but that’s not going to happen if the transmission breaks mid-drive and you crash.

So, park the car. It’s only for a couple of days. Then, figure out if you want to take the car to a repair shop or deal with the issue yourself.

Take the car to a repair shop

There are some car issues that you can take your time and solve on your own.

In fact, there are a couple of situations that you should know about and learn how to handle (like changing the engine oil, learning about dashboard lights, and similar stuff).

There are other situations that are not necessarily more complex but definitely more complicated. The flashing D light is one of them.

In delicate scenarios like this one, you need to let the professionals handle it. They’ll know what to look for and quickly fix your issue.

Some car owners prefer to be more hands-on, though.

Check the problem yourself

I’d say this option is for people who have a little bit of experience in the subject. It’s not for someone who changed a tire once and nothing else.

If you know nothing about cars, there’s nothing to be ashamed of – but this isn’t the right time to start learning, though.

Or, better said, you can learn about it, but let more experienced people deal with the subject.

If you have no rush, you can check the little stuff. Get a scan tool that you can use with your Honda, find out what the problem is, and see if you can fix the issue (as long as it’s something minor).

Take the car to a repair shop if it’s bigger than that, though.

Can I keep driving if I see a flashing D light on a Honda CRV?

You should stop driving the moment you see the flashing D light. When you see it, you need to calmly pull over your car if you’re out on the road.

The flashing D light is the way your car has of telling you there’s transmission trouble ahead unless you act fast.

This light is not to be messed with. Or, better said, transmission trouble is not something to be taken lightly – and that’s exactly what that flashing D light represents.

So, what could that flashing D light could mean? It could be anything from a blown fuse to compression issues.

The first is nothing to worry about; the second one could make your car unsafe to drive.

Since it’s impossible to tell which one is triggering the light, you need to take the car to a mechanic and get the issue sorted out immediately.

And I seriously mean that. There are countless issues that could be behind the flashing D light. Sure, some of them are minor, but most of them are major problems.

Fortunately, you can fix all the issues that can cause a flashing D light.

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