Why does my blinker blink so fast? Solution

Your blinker goes on overdrive when something electrical-related has worn out or failed. Sometimes, incompatibility issues could trigger a turn signal malfunction, leaving you with blinkers that flash faster than usual. You can easily fix these issues.

Reasons why your blinker is faster than usual

Blinker bulb is busted:

All light bulbs tend to wear out after a while. Ideally, it’ll take a long time for that to happen – but you never know when that day comes. You will notice that day has arrived when your blinker starts to go crazy on you, blinking faster than it ever has.

Blinker wiring is messed up:

If you know how a turn signal works, you know its rhythm and speed depend on its electrical circuit. Once a fuse or a wire wears out, the entire thing goes out of sync – and, because of that, you’ll get a blinker that goes faster than usual.

Blinker bulbs don’t match:

Are you using an aftermarket light?

That could be the problem. Some lights don’t work with certain car models. Or, at least, they don’t work at the proper speed. LED lights are often guilty of this behavior.

How do I fix a fast blinking turn signal?

To fix a turn signal going faster than usual, you have to replace the malfunctioning light or replace the wire that connects the circuits, depending on which one has stopped working properly and caused the issue to happen.

First, you have to make a proper diagnosis. Is it the wiring, the bulb, or the lights? I’d start with the easiest one to check and go from there if I were you.

So, where do you start when you have a turn signal blinking faster than usual?

If you changed your blinker lights yesterday, went for a drive today, and noticed that your blinkers were going crazy, that’s your problem. If not, move on.

You didn’t change the lights, but they are acting crazy anyway. It’s highly unlikely that both bulbs failed at the same time – so, if only one side is going crazy, you know what’s wrong: a bulb blew out.

To be 100% sure, turn the faulty blinker, go out, and visually check if the bulb is blown. If that’s so, change it.

Other than that, you have the wiring to take care of. You have to check for worn-out or loose wires and fix the issue. Fuses can go bad too.

Grab your tools and check the problem – or let a mechanic do that for you.

Is having a fast blinker illegal?

Any blinker going faster than 120 flashes per minute could be deemed illegal. Whether a cop is going to pull you over for having a fast blinker is another subject entirely. Getting a ticket or citation because of that, even more so.

Should you worry if you have a turn signal blinking faster than usual?

Yes, you should. If you drive around a lot, you should try to fix that problem as soon as possible.

Will something bad come out of having a fast blinker?

Well, not necessarily. More likely than not, nothing will happen.

Of course, the longer that you drive around with your car like that, the more chances you have of a cop noticing it.

Are cops out there looking for cars with fast blinkers?

Not really. They have better things to do, I guess. You shouldn’t risk it – the ticket you may get is going to cost you more than fixing your blinker.

Why won’t my blinkers work but my hazards do?

Your hazard lights and blinkers are wired differently, so there may be a problem with your blinkers that in no way affects your hazards. You may not have noticed it, but your blinkers will not work unless the ignition is on, and the hazards will work either way.

It’s normal for your blinkers to stop working when you turn the engine off and remove the key from the ignition. Your hazards will continue to work unless there’s a problem with the battery (and, in that scenario, your blinkers will fail as well).

Anyway, your blinkers are not working because there’s a problem with them. You can check the first part of this article to see what’s wrong.

It’s more than likely that you have a blown bulb. Other than that, there may be something wrong with the wires.

What should you use if your turn signals fail?

You must use hand signals to let other drivers know what you’re going to do when your blinkers don’t work. With that being said, you shouldn’t rely on hand signals indefinitely; instead, you need to fix your blinkers as soon as possible.

It’s easy to turn your blinkers on to signal which way you’re going. It’s so easy that I will never understand why plenty of people don’t use them, but I digress.

Anyway, let’s say your blinkers went bust, and you need to make a turn. What do you do?

Well, when you have no blinkers and must signal, you need to use your hands.

There are three hand signals you must learn:

Left hand turn signal:

Take your left arm out of the left window and point it straight to the left.

Right hand turn signal:

Take your left arm out of the left window and bend it pointing it at the sky.

Stopping hand turn signal:

Take your left arm out of the left window and bend it pointing at the ground.

What is Hyper Flash?

Hyper Flash, or Hyper Flashing, is a fancy name for having a turn signal that blinks faster than usual. It’s a problem you need to fix as soon as possible – because you can get a ticket for Hyper Flashing.

I have talked about blinkers going faster than usual all over this article, but I’d like to explain something.

Hyper Flashing happens by design. It’s the way your car has of letting you know something is gone wrong with your turn signal. So, heed the warning and fix the issue when it happens!

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