Best Overlanding Phone Apps 2021

There is an agreeable thrill with spontaneity when it comes to road trips and traveling. However, it’s undeniable that you’d probably get lost along the way or get nowhere without the help of GPS, and of course, some of the most convenient mobile Overlanding apps.

While you do find a bit of fun in letting the road lead the way, perhaps everyone can attest to the fact that no one wants to stay lost

Why should I use an overlanding app?

  • To find campsites easily
  • Trail Navigation
  • Maps without cellular service
  • Topography information

What are the best overlanding apps in 2021?

  1. iOverlander
  2. onX offroad maps
  3. Gaia GPS
  4. Memory Maps
  5. Hema Explorer Maps

1. iOverlander

Adventurers and travelers can use this app to look for campsites through a map or a list. What’s also great about iOverlander is that it has a feature that lets you filter locations according to its type, including but not limited to informal campsites, wild camping, and established campgrounds. Here, you can quite literally pick your adventure – that’s all that there is, all without unnecessary limitations.

2. onX offroad Maps

The main feature of the onX offroad Maps is that it highlights your possible routes into two categories: featured trails and general trails.

General trails: give you all the essential information that you might be needing for your trip. Some of these include the kind of car or vehicle that you will have to use to drive on the trail, the permit or fee requirements and the dates for opening and closing.

On the other hand, featured trails offer information that’s more detailed and specific. If you’re mainly wondering how much time it would take to get to your destination, onX offroad Maps provides you estimated trip times through featured trails. In addition, it also enables you to know route difficulty, directions, and detailed and specific descriptions of certain hazards along the way.

There’s also a feature where you can view land according to type. Here, you can instantly know whether a particular land is public or private, so you can never get caught or be reprimanded for sleeping where you shouldn’t have been. There are also many other features that onX offroad offers in its Premium version, including 3D maps, trail statuses, and more. Fortunately, the application offers a free one-week trial, so make sure to maximize all of these as much as you can while you’re at it.

All this data and information comes from a group of trustworthy and authentic guides, thereby making it all the more beneficial for overlanders seeking for a more specific digital map.

3. Gaia GPS

With USGS (United States Geological Survey), this app enables you to track and navigate travel distances. Moreover, it also has a useful feature called Motor Vehicle Use Maps or MVUM that allows you to look out for restrictions or the possibility of seasonal road closures.

Similar to onX offroad, you also get to see different campsites suited for all types of vehicles by getting to view public land designations. However, its most distinct feature might probably be its Apply CarPlay and Android Auto integration. This feature allows you to display your desired maps either in your car dash or in the app. It also even puts up detailed directions for all your saved routes.

The free version of Gaia GPS already allows you to plan routes, record tracks, and drop waypoints. In the same way, it also enables you to see certain stats including the amount of elevation, distance, or speed gained.

4. Memory Maps

Memory Maps, also known as ‘MM,’ is proven to be a great investment for offroaders who like traveling across different borders. This is because Memory-Maps typically allows its users to buy maps that are large-scale. You consequently get a license key for the application’s software program once you buy a map, and your map purchases in the future will also be related to it as well.

The amount you will pay will depend mainly on the kind and scale of map you would be needing as well as how much of the program you’ll be simultaneously using.

5. Hema Explorer app

The Hema Explorer app allows you to make a route prior to your travel and to also track the trail you would end up driving. You can either plan the route or path on your personal computer and then conveniently sync it to your mobile phone once you’re ready to go and head off. Here, you can monitor your trip, geotag different photos and even share your adventure with your loved ones on the way back. All of these are possible by using the Hema Explorer Cloud. Besides this, its pro-membership subscription provides more features, including an advanced zoom detail and unhindered access to more maps generated by Hema.

Despite its great uses, the only downside about the Hema Explorer app is that it’s only available for overlanders in Australia and North America.


With the help of these convenient Overlanding apps, you will always know where you’re going. While offroaders may live and constantly seek for the feeling of discovering brand new places all by themselves, getting lost can still be a fun and less hassling experience when you at least have an ample idea of where you’re planning to go and where you currently are.

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