Best Offroad Trails in Louisiana

The Louisiana outdoor space is always vibrant with activities. One of the best ways to go for a weekend gateway or enjoy your holiday is by choosing a trail to sample.

This beautiful city is known nationally for its muddy terrain and national forests. It has impressive natural attractions and this has been a significant catalyst in attracting off-roaders.

So, if you are planning for an off-roading trip, what are some of the best offroad trails in Louisiana that you can check out?

Well, though there are multiple trails to pick from, only a few of them fit the “off-road profile”. Some of the best trails for off-roading in Louisiana include:

Plaquemines Off-road Park

Located across a park with 300 acres of woods and a motocross track, this is definitely one of the top-rated and best offroad trails in Louisiana. The off-road park is an adventurous spot that covers a total distance of 15 miles that’s dotted with oak and cypress forest. It’s an ideal spot for ATVs, dirt bikes, and motorcycles among others.

Plaquemines off-road park is serene and interesting. Its terrain features some mud and sand. in addition to that, it also has large loose rocks and other hazards. It’s mostly popular with beginners who are looking for less congested and spacious trails to train from. However, you will also find those with an intermediate level of terrain experience here. Due to its nature, it’s not popular with advanced and experts since they consider it to be somehow easier.

Take note that 4X4s are not allowed in this trail. Besides that, it’s also important that you do your own research before hitting the road. This is because while this off-road park usually opens daily, it gets temporarily closed when the weather conditions are wet.

Vernon Enduro Multi-Use Trail

Another trail that is only limited to off-highway vehicles.

Just like its name already suggests, Vernon Enduro is ideal for multi-use. It’s versatile and adapts to the different needs of various users. this is where you are likely to find all types of off-road trail enthusiasts including hikers, bikers, and horse riders.

It’s an engaging charmer that has excellent loops and views of the surrounding nature. It’s worth noting that this is the only trail in Kisatchie National Forest’s Vernon Unit that has received the seal of approval for Off-Highway Vehicles (OHVs)

The 45 miles of Enduro trails are made up of 3 loop trails with one loop that’s specifically dedicated to motorcycle riders. As an outdoor lover, you have the best chance to navigate through the sandpit, savannah, and pine forest as you go through a hard-packed terrain of soil.

Catahoula Offroad and Recreation

If you’re looking for a change of pace from the mud holes. You can test your rig at Catahoula Offroad and Recreation! Known for some of the best muddy hills climbs and rock crawling in Louisiana, you will not be disappointed with what this park has to offer.

Muddy Bottoms ATV and Recreation Park

ATV & SXS Only.

Muddy Bottoms has only one mission- to provide residents of Louisiana with the finest outdoor and off-road recreation. This off-road park has been a serious leader in improving the lives of people found in its local community with its outdoor offerings. It takes the crown for the largest ATV park in this region with a total of 5,000 acres of space.

The well-tended reactional park has unique and high-quality amenities that most trails in Louisiana dint have. You can make use of the cabins, pro shop, bathhouse, amphitheater, and eating pavilion among others. generally, it provides a wholesome homely vibe thanks to its complete set of amenities. As a result, it’s ideal for a weekend gateway with family and friends.

5,000 acres is a huge outdoor space. That’s why this trail offers the public the luxury that comes with a premium park. This includes providing convenience and offering comfort. You have an extreme length of trails to try out, some bogs to use, and even several tracks to go through. This will keep you busy throughout the day if not a couple of more days. Note that this park is ideal for all riders with different levels of experience.

According to the Western Parish, Muddy Bottoms has a total of 185 pull-through hookups. In addition to that, it has four premium homes and seven full hookups to choose from. Your stay here will definitely be relaxing and enjoyable. There is plenty to explore, multiple stuff to engage in, and numerous relaxing options.

Claiborne Trails

Off-Highway Vehicles only.

If you are looking for a great way to spend time outdoors, then you should probably consider going through the Claiborne trail. It’s simple, quite engaging, and easy to go through. However, the serenity it offers thanks to the surrounding nature makes it an interesting place.

And the best thing about these trails is that you get to experience the first-hand history! Located in South Rapides Parish’s Old Camp Claiborne, these trails have a history that dates back to the second world war. This is where almost half a million American troops took the initiative to protect our country.

Despite its significant background, Claiborne Trails are vibrant with ARCs, horse riding, and motorcycles. All cyclists and hikers are welcomed to use this 70-mile outdoor multi-use trail. You can make use of the three loops which include:

·The Boy South Loop with a distance of 31miles

·The Wood worth Loop with a distance of 27 mile

·The North Loop with a distance of 19 miles

Sandstone Trail

From its name, you would expect this trail to be only made up of sand. Well, it contains some sand. It’s a moderately trafficked loop that’s located close to Provencal and covers a distance of 31 miles.

Sandstone trail Louisiana offers several activities that users can engage in. it goes through an attractive layout of piney woods that are found in Kisatchie Hills. As a result, this trail offers outstanding views of the surrounding hilly terrain.

Its location inside the Kisatchie National Forest makes its terrain quite challenging. But the fact that you will not only be going through the piney forest but also rocky rapids, white sand, and an outstanding shoreline makes everything worth your time and effort. This trail is ideal for a wide range of users and there is even canoe access and those who want to engage in fishing.

Louisiana Mudfest

For an experienced as well as a beginner off-roader, this is an interesting trail where you can comfortably go wild. Louisiana mudfest is quite popular it’s known as the best place where offroad enthusiasts can go and hone their skills. It’s a great place where you can perfectly experience a mudding experience but from a riding point of view.

For starters, the management usually hosts the renowned Tricks Gone Wild outdoor event that happens once annually. This event is known to draw people from all walks of life and from all over the country.

The trial is ideal for all riders with all levels of skills as well as all types of vehicles including jeeps. There are also boat rentals that can be used in the neighboring Oxbow Lake and Red River.

Camp Livingstone Trail Complex

It’s a diverse trail that consists of two interconnected loops. Besides that, this trail also features a forest with hardwood and pine as well as several creek crossings. If you are ready to brave a complex off-road trail in Louisiana, then this should be a great starting point.

In fact, you should be ready to get dirty and muddy while going through Camp Livingston Trail Complex. The multi-use system has a rich history that goes back to the second world war plus multiple abandoned structures or houses.

High Lifter Offroad Park

High Lifter offroad park is located outside of Shreveport, LA. It offers 570 acres and 27 miles of offroad trails. From mild to wild high lifter offroad park lives up to its name. If you’re looking to get out with your ATV, the trail systems will keep you occupied for hours. If you’re looking to test your grit in large mud pits, make sure to bring your trailer – these will test the limits.

The Bottom Line

Getting an offroad trail in Louisiana can be quite simple. However, getting a trail that suits your needs can be quite of a challenge. This is because while there are several trails within this city, not all of them fit the off-road definition. In fact, most of them are simply ideal for the city lifestyle since they are small in nature and found within the city neighborhoods.

However, the above-reviewed trails are among some of the best offroad trails in Louisiana. They come in different lengths and levels of difficulty to cater to the different needs of people interested to use them.

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