Best Off-road Trails Near Houston, TX

Are you looking for an adventurous outdoor setting where your jeep can get dirty and muddy? Well, the area around Houston is popular with several trails.

With your jeep, you can explore and enjoy the great outdoor areas of Houston while going through trails with amazing views. But what are some of the best off-road trails found near Houston?

The Best Offroad Trails Near Houston

For your next off-road trip, Houston has several trails that would suit any driver’s off-road profile. Some of the best trails found within this region include:

Cheeseburger Loop

Trail Length: 169 Miles

Difficulty: Easy/Moderate

Terrain: Pavement, Dirt, Mud, River Crossings

Trail Time: 6+ Hours

Houston’s Cheeseburger loop is a mostly unknown trail by many. The trail was named after a bar/restaurant that could be found on the route named Yankees Tavern.

The Cheeseburger loop is a mostly dirt road/gravel road trail that will take you through the Sam Houston National Forest. The difficulty of the trail is easy/Moderate, and many people of all skills levels and rig qualifications can take on this long adventure.

Creekside Offroad Ranch

Size: 350 Acres

Difficulty: moderate/Hard

Terrain: sand, dirt, and mud

It’s a fully functional ranch that’s rated as one of the best offroad parks near Houston. The offroad ranch lies on a 3.2-mile challenging terrain featuring sand, mud, and hills. It should be noted that this is a family-friendly spot that’s also ideal for all off-road vehicles including jeeps.

Despite its size, Creekside’s level of difficulty has made it a popular spot for legal wheeling within the Houston area. It has been described several times as Lone state’s finest offroad park with a moderately technical path. You can confidently navigate it but it can get quite sloppy, especially after some rain.

If you are new here, you will come across tracks that are unmarked and so be prepared to make a few wrong turns. Besides that, the muddy puddles and deep sand can be difficult to navigate and can even reach your hood. So, you need to apply extra caution.

Generally, it’s an interesting offroad trail with a predictable weather zone. It’s perfect for a weekend gateway since the ranch also provides overnight options.

Bolivar Peninsula

Trail Length: 24.5 miles

• Difficulty: moderate

Terrain: sand and beach

• Trail Time: Around 3 hours

Bolivar Peninsula is quite long, moderately difficult, with a scenic beach environment. Taking an off-road drive here is one of the most wholesome experiences you will ever encounter. The jeep-friendly trail features multiple “personalities” that which makes it ideal for all drivers with different levels of experience.

Located on the southern side of Houston on Galveston Island, this offside trail’s crystal beaches will easily entice you. With almost a 25-mile stretch of easy trail, it will take you around 3 hours to go through this terrain, back and forth.

It has an interesting man-made pass, the Rollover pass that goes through the Bolivar Peninsula. Located on the eastward side from Caplan, this overpass got its name from the smugglers that used it to “roll” their hoods between the Galveston Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. Besides that, this pass acts as an excellent fishing zone, especially when the tides move.

Overall, Bolivar Peninsula has an interesting atmosphere. It’s suitable for thrill-seekers as well as party-goers. Its beaches and camping zones are ideal for a few of holidaying or a weekend gateway. If you are in for some downtime, the beach is a calming sanctuary, especially during the twilight hours.

Xtreme Off-Road Park

Size: 500 Acres

• Difficulty: Moderate/Hard

Terrain: sand, mud, and river crossings

Xtreme off-road is a 500-acre offroad park on the east side of Houston, TX. The combination of sand, mud, and river crossings makes it challenging to navigate. But for an experienced driver, this can be an enjoyable ride.

The off-road park and beach trail is located on Crosby and offers muddying zones that are ideal for jeeps as well as ATVs. Its location inside the privately-owned park offers drivers access to wooded trails, mud bogs, and small lakes.

There are picnic areas and RV spots within the park, they also have primitive camping options. Xtreme off-road has everything for everyone, including families. However, you have to be ready to make your travel arrangements in advance. This is because the park is open seasonally.

Quintana Beach

• Trail Length: 2.2 miles

Difficulty: Easy/Moderate

• Terrain: Sand

Trail Time: around half an hour

Quintana’s sandy terrain could make this trail difficult to go through. While it has a trail length of 2.2. miles, it will take you close to half an hour to complete it. But with a jeep, you will definitely enjoy your ride through the difficult trail. The experience you will amass here within a short time will be valuable for your off-road driving experience.

This is a suitable destination for a holiday weekend thanks to the availability of day-use amenities in addition to overnight facilities. “Nature” has taken over this area and is, therefore, less trafficked, unlike other offroad trails near Houston. Even with the presence of tides, you will make it through this short stretch of trail. If the weather is good, you can even prepare for a picnic.

Sam Houston National Forest

Trail Length: 85 miles

• Difficulty: Easy to moderate

• Terrain: Hardpack dirt

• Trail Time: 6 hours

A combination of hardpack dirt and a stretchy trail makes Sam Houston National Forest an enjoyable offroad trail. The beginner-friendly trail with an easy to moderate level of difficulty has a trail time of almost 6 hours. Its multiple profiles feature sand, mud, and engaging creek crossings.

Its varying trail makes it suitable for adventurous off-roading. The most interesting bit is that it’s available all year round. However, this trail is usually closed after heavy rains, due to the high levels of erosion.

General Sam’s ATV+ Off-Road Park

Size: 706 Acres

• Difficulty: easy to moderate

•Terrain: dirt and mud

General Sam’s is an easy-hard offroad park that covers 706 acres. While it’s popular with ATVs, it’s also a suitable off-road park for accommodating jeeps.

Located almost an hour in the northern side of Houston, this offroad park has over 60 miles of trails. It features six creeks with pine forests. This makes it suitable for a personal outdoor adventure, a holiday tournament, or a weekend challenge with family and friends.

Since this park is popular with visitors, its family-friendly, user-friendly, and still well-maintained. There are also camping grounds that make the trail a great getaway from the chaotic bustle of the city.

Padre Island National Seashore

Trail Length: 23.3 miles

• Difficulty: Moderate

Terrain: sand and beach

Trail Time: 3 hours

It will take a reasonable amount of time to go through this moderately difficult trail. With sand and beach terrain, Matagorda beach is nothing short of fun with its seashore setting. Due to the public nature of the beach, this trail is also famous with crowds. However, the surrounding environment including the trails is all well-maintained.

The 23-mile beach spot has varying terrain that features sand and shell. It’s popular with off-road enthusiasts as well as beachcombers and fishermen, and shell collectors. Matagorda is suitable for some lone adventure, a weekend getaway with the facility, or a thrilling adventure with friends.

Some of its notable zones include the fishing spots that are covered with large masses. Besides that, the Three Mile Cut is an interesting sandy area that’s not easy to navigate. If you are a keen explorer, Matagorda Beach has several abandoned ruins along with a “nude” stretch where you can enjoy a cool, refreshing breeze.


If you have several hours to spend or several days at your disposal, the Houston area has some of the best jeep-friendly trails in Texas. There is no limit to what you can access with your sturdy vehicles, especially if you are keen to face new challenges and explore new horizons.

The above-reviewed trails are some of the best areas for outdoor enthusiasts. They feature different levels of difficulties and this makes them ideal for off-roaders with different levels of experience.

Whether you are in for an easy ride that will take you a few minutes only or a challenging ride that will engage your driving skills, you will get an off-road trail that suits your needs. however, always make sure that you establish the accessibility of a trail before you take your off-road trip.

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