Best Jeep Wrangler tire for Snow

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If you are driving a Jeep Wrangler, you may think your 4 wheel drive system will save you from needing new tires. This is incorrect, snow specific tires will keep you safe during the cold months.

Four-wheel drive does improve your safety while driving in the snow. However, this doesn’t eliminate the fact that you may also need to invest in winter tires.

Of course, jeeps are great for driving even in the most challenging conditions. But handling snow in winter can be quite extreme in some cases and can result in unnecessary hiccups.

Meanwhile, if you invest in great winter tires, you are guaranteed increased cornering, handling, and braking.

What are some of the best winter tires on the market that are great for handling snow? Well, below is a review of some of the top-rated tires.

1.Michelin X-Ice Snow SUV

Price: $165-$215

Looking for the best jeep wrangler tire for snow?

Well, Michelin X-ice Snow SUV lives up to its name. It should be noted that this tire is made with Evergrip technology that effectively supports on-ice performance.

According to the manufacturer, X-ice can stop 8.85 ft shorter when your jeep is running on ice. This technology is also providing a lasting tread design along with interlocking 3D sipes that provide a lasting wear life.

Its tread design is made with a V-shape pattern in addition to an enhanced void ratio to increase sliding resistance in slippery conditions.

Its Flex Ice-2.0 compound offers drivers the needed agility in cold or freezing temperatures. The use of the rubber-inclusion technology is also effective in facilitating the absorption of the water layer that the tire will often come across.

Michelin X-Ice has been designed to withstand the aggressive winter weather. These tires provide just the right level of rigidity that your Jeep needs to optimize surface contact when you are accelerating, cornering, or slowing down. Unlike its predecessors, it offers improved hydroplaning performance.


·Excellent snow traction

·Lasting treadwear


·Quite expensive

2.Bridgestone Dueler A/T Revo 3

Price: $200-$220

It’s a versatile tire that’s suitable for both on- and off-road terrain.

These are some of the Jeep Wrangler tires for snow with a flexible profile. This is what you need when you are going to navigate through multiple road conditions. The best thing is that it doesn’t sacrifice when it comes to comfort and performance.

It offers optimal comfort while your jeep is on the highway by offering a sure-footed grip. If you are taking an off-road, then it will still deliver outstanding performance even in wintry conditions such as those involving snow. This is because the tire is can maintain its performance on both dry, wet, and slippery surfaces.

To promote good traction and lasting use, it’s tear and chip resistant. Dueler A/T is made with a well-balanced symmetric pattern that allows smooth and straightforward rotation. Besides that, it is made with strong shoulders that promote stable highway tracking and groove movements.

Its deep tread with large circumferential grooves is effective in channeling water from surface contact and can effectively resist hydroplaning. It should be noted that this tire also has in-block sipes that create the much-needed biting edges for a full grip on packed snow and slippery surfaces.


·Improved off-road traction

·Confident performance in wet and slippery surfaces

·Excellent grip with robust construction


·Average snow performance

3.Milestar Patagonia M/T Snow Tire

Price: $225-$235

It offers the best of both worlds when it comes to performance and durability. Its build on versatility when makes it possible to easily go through muddy as well as snowy conditions.

Its continuous center tread patterns provide the perfect constant contact with any surface. Take note that its design helps to significantly reduce road noise with the humming and howling that comes with navigating challenging terrains becoming almost non-existent.

Overall, Milestar Patagonia provides optimal traction that your jeep wrangler needs when running through snowy and icy conditions. It eliminates the need for unnecessary grunting and instability while ensuring the driver gets a smooth and stable ride. In addition to that, this is a generally light tire and, therefore, applicable to most road variants.




·Offers great stability and proper gripping


·Shorter lifespan

·Reduced durability

4.Bridgestone Blizzak Snow Tires

Price: $220-$235

A snowy terrain can be quite challenging to pass but this is a top-lister that great performance. It has quickly become one of the most sought-after tires for jeep wrangler drivers.

This winter tire’s design allows you to conquer the cold by fully biting into ice and snow. As a driver, you are guaranteed increased confidence even in the worst winter conditions.

While the winter period usually comes with slick road conditions, this tire allows you to experience the ultimate control behind the wheels. It’s made with the patented Multicell technology that offers enhanced road grip and minimizes the chances of slipping. It features a new tread compound as well as a larger contact area that blends to offer the ultimate ice performance.

Unlike its ordinary counterparts, the Bridgestone Blizzak snow tire has lateral and circumferential grooves that help to keep water out. Note that this is effective in minimizing the chances of slipping into accidents. The expert-engineered tire utilizes nano pro-tech polymers, 3D zig-zag sipes, and multi-cell tubes. All these features blend to offer enhanced flex, bite, and grip to ensure that your jeep can handle the iciest conditions.

The 3D zig-zag sipes, for instance, provide a superior level of biting edges when the coldest winter bites. Meanwhile, the nano pro-tech technology is a special formula that is effective in providing a superior wet grip while the multi-cell compounds ensure that the tire can efficiently wick away water from cold and wet roads.

But these tires don’t just perform on snow and ice but also offer solid handling of dry cold weather. Overall, it allows jeeps to conquer even the driest of winter weather. So, you can always drive out confidently regardless of the weather forecast.


·Offers superior grip in cold and icy performance

·Great traction and weight balance

·Improves braking control


·May cause a delay in steering

5.Hankook I Pike TW11 Studdable Tire

Price: $165-$180

It’s an affordable snow tire that’s a true bargain. I Pike RW11 is a well-equipped snow tire that features stepped blocks of tread that seamlessly combine to offer an excellent grip in slippery snow.

Its circumferential grooves that line its tread help to clear out water and snow from any road surface. Besides that, its sharp tread blocks effectively carve their feature into snow and ice, offering the best traction possible.

This is one of the most cost-effective snow tires that’s made with a computer-optimized design. This helps to ensure that your jeep gets the highest number of treads that are in contact with water, thereby increasing durability and traction.

Even in the harshest of winter conditions, I Pike RW11 is capable of maintaining its flexibility thanks to its versatile tread design. It also comes with an additional layer of soft rubber that is effective in allowing the tire to fully soak up the road noise.

And if you are in a region where studs are allowed, well, then you can use them. Studs offer more traction with an impressive performance in deep snow.


·Superior traction in snow

·Offers stronger braking power

6.Cooper Discoverer Snow-Claw Studdable

Price: $145-$165

Copper has been making a greater variety of winter tires to cater to different needs. its Discoverer Snow-Claw has been designed to cater to the needs of SUV and truck drivers who want to maintain their performance even during the harshest winters.

This tire has been rigorously tested in different snow zones. Regardless of the location, the Discoverer Snow Claw claws everything and offers the ultimate performance.

It’s made with the patented snow-groove technology that offers control even in deep snow. This technology is effective in trapping snow, thereby offering greater handling, traction, as well as stopping power. You don’t have to freeze with this tire since it’s made with a large number of sipes that cut across its tread face.

This feature allows the tire’s rubber to bend and flex. As a result, it easily bites into snow and ice.

Note that with the extra claws and an opportunity to add studs, you are guaranteed extreme traction while your jeep moves on the ice. Its large shoulder blocks, center rib, plus connecter center block all blend to ensure that this tire can also handle clear roads.


·Excellent ride comfort

·Great wet, winter, and dry grip

·Outstanding snow traction

The Bottom Line

Jeeps are designed to offer flexibility. They are ideal for use in a wide range of conditions including the toughest snowy terrains. You can comfortably use this vehicle to drive on any terrain while enjoying the ultimate off-road experience.

However, snowy conditions require that you invest in snow tires. The aforementioned tires are among some of the best on the market.

They offer an exceptional level of traction, reduce hydroplaning, and offer more flexibility. In addition to that, they also offer better braking and steering.

This means that investing in these snow tires guarantees you the ultimate performance as you drive on snow and ice.

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