Best Jeep Wrangler Accessories under $600  

I wanted to compile a list of upgrades that maybe, just maybe you have not thought about before. 

This list is mainly geared to my fellow offroad enthusiasts. I started with a list of 20 upgrades and then from there, I narrowed it down to upgrades that will add the most value.  

#1) Bimini Top 

This upgrade probably does not come as a surprise. You may even own one already, or know someone with one. For those who keep saying, ehh.. It’s really not something I need right now. Let me tell you, a bimini top has changed everything for me. 

Yes, it is just a piece of perforated fabric that will protect you from the sun. For those of us who for years ran no top on the weekends, to the beach, with the kids in the car will know. It can get hot fast, especially in the Texas heat here in August. 

It very well may be the case you will see an ROI from a Bimini top, just from the sunscreen savings!

#2) Fixed Back Seat and 5 Point Harness

When is the last time you have taken your jeep to an offroad park? Remember when you were trying to bump that ledge, and your jeep was pulled sideways a bit? Remember the feeling you had when this happened? 

An upgraded seat and 5 point harness will give you some peace of mind. Let’s remove some of the life and death stress and now only focus on not ending up on our lid. The next accessory will help further with flops. 

If you’re considering this upgrade, just go 5 point. I know it is a lot of straps to manage, but while driving on the road you can just ditch the submariner belt, or even the shoulder straps and only use the lap belt. 

Look at legalities where you live on this. It is completely possible to leave the factory seat belt in place and still have your 5 point waiting for you when you go offroad. 

#3) Upgraded Cage 

Upgrade your dang cage dude! Jeep has never designed a cage right, they are sketchy at best… It really is not a matter of if you’re gonna take a roll when offroad. It is a matter of when, if you do it enough.

I cannot count the times I have seen an upside-down JK, even when they took the bypass. 

Adding some strength at least the very least really is not very hard. Heck, there are even bolt-on options for you! 

#4) Wet Sounds 6

Can’t forget the audiophiles out there. Jeep Wrangler speakers are uninspiring at best. Typically due to road noise alone with the top off, you probably cannot even hear your favorite song. Let’s make this easy and add a Wet Sounds bar; or another brand. 

Instead of trying to add amplifiers, new speakers, and subwoofers. Just slap this Bluetooth soundbar onto your cage and get to Jeeping. I guarantee your eardrums will blow before this bar will. 

#5) Carpet Delete

Hey, first did you know Jeeps come factory with drain plugs? Yea you probably already knew this. Let’s make cleaning up after going offroad super easy. Pull all your carpet out and slap a couple of heavy coats of bed liner in. 

This upgrade will save you time or your money back garunteed. This invention may be better than Flex Seal. If you have more questions, Youtube has your answer. 

#6) Flat Fenders

Can I run 35” tires without a lift kit on a 2007 Jeep Wrangler Sport?

Yes, you can! Depending on how much cutting you want to do you may be able to squeeze some 37’s. Only joking, 35’s will be a great performing upgrade alongside some flat/tube fenders. 

Imagine a nice factory riding jeep with some larger tires for extra driveline and belly clearance. Now that is useful. 

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