A Traveler’s Guide: Best Overlanding Phone Apps You Need To Know in 2022

Since the mobile phone was invented, our lives have been more efficient. Making our life easier would be an understatement, and if you’re an adventurous type of person or even someone who loves traveling, there’s a lot more reason for you to love this device. Yes, I’m talking about the GPS and all its wonders.

Our phones have made planning our trips more efficient. During the old days, people depended on their maps or compass to get where they wanted to be. God knows how stressful it was, especially when you don’t even know how to read the map. Gone are those days, thanks to our technology that keeps evolving every day. Knowing the best Overlanding apps will prevent you from getting lost. While there is a beauty in getting lost, that isn’t always the case for everyone.

What is Overlanding?

Someone who’s not into cars and automotive might ask what is Overlanding? Well, to put it simply, Overlanding is a kind of journey where you rely on yourself when it comes to driving, and it’s a kind of trip where you focus on the view and experience rather than the destination.

This is very popular with those people who love driving to some new places for adventures. Unfortunately, some mistook Overlanding for off-road. While they have similarities, there is a distinct difference between the two.

Overlanding focuses on the journey itself, off-roading focuses on the technical aspect of traveling mostly on the terrains or mountainsides of the world. 

Now that we know what Overlanding is, let us find out the best Overlanding apps to help us in our journey.


First on our list is Goggle Maps. Who doesn’t know this app? Most mobile phone has this app pre-installed on their mobile device.

Even if it’s not pre-installed, people still prefer this app to any other map application because it’s user-friendly. You can easily find the best camping spot that other apps do not offer by using this app. Aside from finding the best camping spot, it can also help you find the nearest rest area, restaurants, convenience stores, and other things you might need in the middle of your journey.

This app is the go-to app for navigation of the travelers as you can share the map link with your friends who are also Overlanding with you. This also gives a much more accurate traveling time than any other navigation app.

Gaia GPS

Gaia GPS is just like Google Maps, especially if you’re the person who likes taking a photo of the trail map as a reference guide while driving. This app allows us to search off-road trails near you, create routes and save them offline. It has a compass and can track the distance you traveled.

One of the best things about this map is that you can use it offline. It also gives weather reports, and you can import the data from one device to another. This makes accessing the data information convenient during your trip.


iOverlander is an app made especially for Overlanders. If you’re into adventures and looking for out-of-this-world destinations, then iOverlander is your must-have tool.

By using a certain category on what kind of camping you want to do and the facilities that you need, this app can help you find the place to set up camp. Out of gas and water in the middle of your journey? This app can help you find the nearest gas station, water and propane tank refilling station, and mechanic shops.

Like Gaia GPS, this app also has an offline feature, so if you have this app, rest assured that you will find the most beautiful wild camping site and prevent you from getting lost.

Maps 3D Pro:

Some maps aren’t always easy to read, but Maps 3D Pro can help you know where you’re heading. This app shows you the terrains and creates a visual that is easier to understand.

It will also tell you your exact location on the map, allowing you to know how far you’ve traveled. If you’re beginning your Offlanding life, this app is best for you as it will let you know your current location and where you’re heading.

OnX Offroad

If you’ve traveled a lot of times already, you know that finding the rest area or a place to sleep is one of the frequently asked questions of the other travelers just like you. You know that when you’re Overlanding, sleeping in the hotels or motels isn’t the option.

When you’re Overlanding, your location is either campsites or forests, and not all land is open to the public. Some are privately owned. But if you have this app, this can help you find the land type, whether public or private, so you don’t need to worry about getting into trouble. It has amazing features like trail statuses, photo waypoints, and maps in the 3D version.

You can even filter the map mode with some options like dirt, fires, and snow. This app also features two categories: general and featured trails.

General trails give you all the important information, like the type of vehicle you need and what fees or permits you need for your destinations. On the other hand, featured trails give you more detailed information like estimated travel time and hazard and direction descriptions.

The Art Of Getting Lost

There’s no better feeling than knowing that you finally reached your dream destination by yourself. As overlanders, you always live to discover new places.

Of course, we can’t avoid that we can get lost, but it’s a more stress-free experience if you know the right apps. There is always a beauty in getting lost, but remember that you need to know where you’re heading even if you’re lost.

There are a lot of navigational tools that can help us, so don’t be afraid of exploring the world by yourself. So go ahead, pack your bags and see the world.

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